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Outstanding Environments

Outstanding Environments

At Brighter Beginnings we are proud of our environments. In all of our nurseries we cover all the areas of learning as comprehensively as possible across all age ranges. Areas should be tidy and inviting and should encourage children to learn, explore and play. All our areas are well stocked with resources and materials which can help us with either child or adult-led activities.

Through a careful nurturing of children’s individual interests and planning we ensure that there is always something for everyone.

The areas of learning are:

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development



Expressive Arts and Design

Understanding the World

You will see in our settings that in all age groups and in all areas within our provision we take great care to ensure that all of these areas are clearly defined and accessible to children. During “continuous provision”, which is sometimes referred to as “free play” we encourage children to play in any of these areas either indoors or outdoors and we observe them to further understand their own interests. This helps us plan our environments and also helps us plan for the individual needs of the children.

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Learning Journey

Learning Journey

Your child’s learning journey is the wonderful voyage of discovery, play and achievement that your child sets out on when they come to Brighter Beginnings. We keep all our photos and observations on your children in a secure record online, this is for simplicity and ease of access by yourself and staff members. Previously we also kept these records in paper format. This learning record is mostly used by the key person as they are the ones who will be observing and assessing your child’s progress the most, but we encourage families to share photos and key moments in the child’s family life that we can include to show how they are developing outside of their time in nursery.

This amazing journey your child will go on with us is always entirely personalised to the individual child’s needs and interests with an aim to cultivate their interest in all of the areas of learning. To that end the child also has access to their Learning Journey so they can contribute to it. This way we can ensure the child’s voice, thoughts and feelings are also contained within as crucial element of recording their progress.

We now use online assessment and recording as our main tool, but previously we have used simple books or folders that we kept all our observations in. If you have had a child who has attended previously you may have had your child’s Learning Journey given to you in this form already. Nowadays everything is streamlined and online, this makes things easier to access, update and record and best of all is cuts paper waste and saves trees!

With this online tool it means that photos can be shared and added much easier than the traditional printing of photographs that was required. It also helps parents give their home life and family photos of key moments in your child’s development.

We hope you enjoy seeing this exciting journey with us through to its end when your child goes to school. If you have any further questions surrounding Learning Journeys then please contact your nursery manager for more information.

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Olympic Day! Monday 17th October 2016


Today we had a big celebration throughout all our nurseries for the return of the Olympic athletes to the UK! We had many activities including; fancy dress – dressing up as favourite sports or countries, tasting different foods from around the world and we also had a sports day with egg and spoon races, bean bag races as well as just some food old fashioned running! Every child on the day received an Olympic gold medal as well as a certificate for taking part. Well done to our Olympic Champions! This was a fantastic day for children’s physical development and general health, broadening their interests into other countries and cultures and helping them to understand the world as an international community! Thanks to everyone who took part you did a fab job!

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Brighter Beginnings – Who are we?

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Welcome to Brighter Beginnings! We are thrilled that you have decided to take the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing and highest quality nursery providers in the North West! Here at Brighter Beginnings we dedicate ourselves to practise of the highest quality. Our aim in any of our nurseries is to run an Ofsted Outstanding quality provision. We value all our staff members equally as every staff member helps to create and maintain these outstanding environments. Whether nursery practitioners, cleaners, trainers, caterers or any other job role – every single member of staff adds to our overall quality and we recognise the significant contribution every role makes to this.

            Brighter Beginnings was founded in 1991 by our company owner Gill Race and because of this we have a long history as a family run company. In the past 5 years the company has grown to such a size that we now employ over 200 staff members in various fields. We now operate the North West’s largest training organisation for childcare (Brighter Horizons) and this firm runs on the same principles of outstanding quality that the nursery operates under. Also we are embarking upon a new and exciting journey to create Brighter Minds which is focused on school-readiness and is teacher-led. With all these exciting things happening we hope we can make your child’s education and early years a huge source of pleasure and happiness for you.

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