Brighter Minds

Our Brighter Minds setting is Outstanding. It is our first Private Nursery School with a large focus on school-readiness.

Children can attend from the age of 4 months old and our emphasis is in preparing them for the next stage of their education.

Our practitioners work closely with our local schools to understand their approaches to phonics teaching, reading and maths schemes so we can prepare children individually for their particular school.

Increasingly working parents are choosing to keep children in this setting until the reception class. This is because along with high quality early-years education they can still benefit from full day care.

Private Nursery School

442 Hollinwood Avenue, New Moston, Manchester, M40 0JH
0161 682 8057

Jo is one of our most dedicated managers. She has taken on the great challenge of operating our flagship Nursery School at Brighter Minds. She has a great deal of knowledge and understanding in early years and is continuing to make Brighter Minds the outstanding provision that it is.

Dec 2012


About Our Curriculum

Early Writing

There are mark-making opportunities in every area of play both inside and in our outdoor play areas. We like to focus on the children writing and drawing things that are meaningful to them and allowing them to extend their play by making their own props eg. tickets,menus etc. Children begin to write independently. This is called ’emergent writing’ because we begin to see recognisable letters and words emerge. For letter formation, we use the Read Write Inc. letter rhymes which help the children to form letters correctly before starting school. Read Write Inc. is used in many of our feeder schools, this also links into our phonics programme so that our pre-schoolers can begin to hear the initial sounds in words when writing and link sounds to letters.

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Maths is incorporated into everything that we do. It is a part of our activities and routines. The children have lots of opportunities for counting throughout the day, with the date, the birthday charts, the class register, setting up for tea, lining up, PE and lots more. We have a counting song with props every week so we can practice counting up and down in order. There are numbers and mathematical concepts on display throughout the Nursery School and all learning areas to promote interest in numbers and number recognition. We also have lots of fun mathematical games on our Interactive White Board. In addition, we plan focused numeracy activities that are interactive and fun for all the children to access.

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We are passionate about reading at Brighter Minds, and are eager to pass this on to all the children that attend the Nursery School. We have a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books in every room and also have our own library so there is plenty of choice for the children. Every child has a book bag that they take home at the end of each day. The children get to pick a book to take home and share with their family. The first stage of reading is enjoying stories and books so this is a very important part of our Nursery School day. Every room has story time at least once a day and we love to make our stories interactive with props and puppets to engage and inspire the children. We follow the Letters and Sounds programme for phonics which helps the children tune into sounds, ready for reading.

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