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Day Nursery Burnage

Burnage Sure Start, Broadhill Road, Burnage, Manchester, M19 1AG

Brighter Beginnings
Day Nursery Burnage

Brighter Beginnings Burnage is a large setting in the heart of Burnage, South Manchester, just off Kingsway tucked down besides St. Bernard’s Primary School and situated on Broadhill Road. The setting is within a large Sure Start Children’s Centre with access to many other local authority services.

The nursery itself has 5 playrooms surrounding a large open central area and has a wonderfully spacious outdoor provision surrounding all the nursery playrooms so that all children have free access to play outside. Our nursery has a dedicated 'Ready For School' room where children learn all the skills they need to prepare them for school and we encourage a 'curiosity approach' by providing for example real furniture and items instead toys in the home corner.

Our nearest settings are Fallowfield and Rusholme

Pictured is the previous manager Laura Fisher - we will update with a picture of Natasha shortly!

Nursery Manager: Natasha  McCloud >

Natasha  McCloud
Laura Fisher

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About our manager

The Nursery Manager is Natasha McCloud. She has been instrumental in bringing Burnage into the wonderful state that it is in. Upon the last visit with our internal quality team the nursery was given great praise over its "learning walk" which Natasha developed in conjunction with the previous manager. Natasha is a new manager to Brighter Beginnings but she is already showing us that she has what it takes to run a fantastic setting.

Natasha says about Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery Burnage:

"At Brighter Beginnings Burnage our daily routine always reflects the interest and needs of our children. we have lots of trees and open spaces around us and our own friendly squirrel often spends the day with us. Our nursery has a dedicated social eating area where children have the opportunity to join together and learn from each other.

Each playroom has its own outdoor area where the children can explore freely and safely.  Our routine focuses on continuous provision which includes our spacious outside areas, teacher led sessions and school readiness. We are able to provide an exciting learning environment because of our fantastic team of excellent practitioners and the input from our parents using our children’s voice. Come and have a look round!"



Who can attend? 

The nursery offers all year-round full day care for children from birth to 5 years of age. We also offer 15 hours free entitlement for 2, 3 and 4-year olds along with 30-hour childcare for children aged 3 and 4 years of age.

Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery Burnage Opening Hours:
7.30am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday

Brighter Beginnings Gallery of Fun Activities 

Full Day Care Provision

Working parents can enjoy childcare all-year-round. We are open 51 weeks a year (closed for Christmas week) and offer places with funding stretched across the whole year meaning parents have full flexibility in their childcare needs. Brighter Beginnings also offers term-time-only places for families who require this. Please ask us!

Healthy Balanced Meals

Brighter Beginnings enjoys a fully staffed catering service with trained cooks and kitchen assistants who provide daily two course homestyle cooked meals. Meals are cooked to children's likes, while keeping health and wellbeing in mind so parents can be certain that children are getting a healthy, portion controlled balanced diet throughout their time with us.

Getting Ready For School

At Brighter Beginnings we are determined that children are ready for school when they leave us. We have purpose resourced ‘getting ready for school’ playrooms where teacher led activities ensure children are fully equipped with all the skills they will need to make a success of the next stage in their education.

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Watch a video of our happy children at play.

We ensure our children grow and develop from babies through the first stages of learning right up to preparation for school by following their interests. This way they engage in learning and progress through experiencing the awe and wonder of the world around them.

Ofsted Outcome – Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery Burnage

Quotes from our latest Ofsted report

“Children are well behaved and show high levels of respect for their friends.”
“Children's emotional well-being is given high priority.”
“Parents are hugely supportive of this room ... they speak highly of the care their children receive”
“Children enjoy exciting experiences that help them to explore their ideas, have fun and learn.”
“Staff are passionate about their roles"

Ofsted Good - 2019

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Parent Testimonials

Burnage - 2019

“A fantastic nursery with lovely staff. All staff develop a personal connection with your child. My child has really come on socially since going to brighter beginnings and loves going every day. He has never cried when being left. A well-balanced diet of meals is provided and there are lots of activities to both inside and outside the nursery.”

Day - 5 Stars

Burnage - 2018

“My child has been at this nursery for 8 months now and was very clingy to myself, now he has changed into a different little boy. He has a great relationship with all the staff here. When he first started, he wouldn't take his coat off at all. Now its bye Mum as soon as he gets in. All the staff are very good, can’t fault them. I am very happy and content dropping my child off knowing he is absolutely fine all day while I am at work. Definitely recommend to other parents.”

Day - 5 Stars
Testimonials Mum

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Where is Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery Burnage?

Burnage Sure Start, Broadhill Road, Burnage, Manchester, M19 1AG
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