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Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery

Open Day 2021

July 24th 2021 - At every nursery!

50% Off Nursery Fees for new children*

*Limited time offer. Full terms and conditions are listed below. Sign up by the Open Day in order to take advantage of this deal. 

Please get in touch to claim your discount before the end of July

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    £25 finders fee* for any of our current parents

    £25 in high-street vouchers for parents who introduce new customers to the company until July 2021. *Please see below for full terms and conditions. Places must be fully registered in order to claim the vouchers. 

    Recommend a friend today!

    Come in on our open day to discover all the wonderful activities that your child will be engaging in. See this first hand and experience what a day in the life of a Brighter Beginnings child is like! 

    Sarah Crossley

    Our Settings and Locations:

    If you are unsure which location is the closest to you then please have a look below at the setting location and catchment areas. 

    North Manchester

    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    21 Colmore Drive, Charlestown, Manchester
    M9 7GB
    Catchment Area: Charlestown, Blackley, Moston, New Moston
    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Newton Heath Sure Start, Great Newton Street, Manchester
    M40 1GX
    Catchment Area: Newton Heath, Harpurhey, Clayton, Moston, Failsworth
    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    442 Hollinwood Avenue, New Moston, Manchester
    M40 0JH
    Catchment Area: New Moston, Moston, Blackley, Chadderton, Middleton

    East Manchester

    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    50 Wetherby Street, Higher Openshaw, Manchester
    M11 1NU
    Catchment Area: Higher Openshaw, Debdale, Fairfield, Gorton

    South Manchester

    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Burnage Sure Start, Broadhill Road, Burnage, Manchester
    M19 1AG
    Catchment Area: Burnage, Levenshulme, Withington
    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Fallowfield Sure Start, Waverton Road, Fallowfield, Manchester
    M14 7EB
    Catchment Area: Fallowfield, Withington, Whalley Range, Rusholme
    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Rusholme Sure Start, Great Western Street, Manchester
    M14 4HA
    Catchment Area: Rusholme, Fallowfield, Levenshulme


    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Gorse Mill, Gordon Street, Chadderton, Oldham
    OL9 9QW
    Catchment Area: Chadderton, Middleton, New Moston
    Brighter Beginnings Day Nursery
    Fitton Hill Community Centre, Fircroft Road, Oldham
    OL8 2QD
    Catchment Area: Fitton-Hill, Hathershaw, Lime Side, Bardsley

    *Terms and Conditions of these exclusive offers

    • Who can claim this offer of 50% off Nursery Fees

    This offer is only open to new parents/carers and those parents registering a new child with us.

    • Who can’t claim this offer

    Parents with existing children cannot claim this offer for the children they have currently attending with us. Parents who are registering a new child with us however may claim this offer. Parents with existing children may, however, claim the Finders Fee. Please see details below on this. Parents who owe arrears to the company will not be eligible for any of these offers (please see section on arrears and exclusions)

    • How long is this offer valid?

    This offer is valid from now until the date of the company Open Day – On Saturday July 24th 2021

    • Eligibility to claim the offer

    To claim this offer you must sign up and register for a place with Brighter Beginnings (Including paying any deposit required) no later than the date of 24/7/2021. Only when registration is complete will this offer be applied.

    • The term of this offer

    The term of this offer will be one calendar month – in order to take full advantage of this offer we advise parents to take-up a place on the 1st of the month they wish to start. Deductions will only be made to the first billable calendar month and the offer will not be spreadable across two months. (ie if you start on the 15th of September you will pay ½ price for the sessions in September only)

    • Minimum contract requirements

    The offer is only available to those parents who stay for no less than 3 months within the company and pay their bills on time. Most customers who start with Brighter Beginnings stay with us until their children graduate to big school, however we need to enforce a minimum term for this offer so that people do not abuse the cheap month and then move to another setting immediately.

    • Penalty for breaking the minimum contract requirement

    Parents who decide to leave after the ½ price month will be billed for the remaining outstanding balance. Parents who leave after 2 months will be billed 2/3 of the outstanding balance. Any parents who do not pay their bills in a timely manner during the minimum contracted period also may face having their offer rescinded. This will be at the discretion of the directorship of Brighter Beginnings Ltd.

    • Arrears and exclusions

    Parents who are in arrears with their account at Brighter Beginnings will not be eligible for either of the offers listed here.

    • Finder’s fee

    Parents who introduce new customers (New customers are parents and carers who do not already attend Brighter Beginnings) to the business may claim a £25 gift card. This is made payable upon the receipt of a registration fee from the new parents who have signed up. If the new customers are funded-only (ie. They do not pay a registration fee) the gift card will be payable after the first full calendar month of attendance of the new customer.

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