442 Hollinwood Avenue, New Moston, Manchester, M40 0JH

OPEN 8am - 5:30pm MONDAY to FRIDAY

Early drop off and late pickups are available at New Moston

About New moston

New Moston nursery is our longest established setting that opened in 1991. Our first ever nursery setting, this was also the  first of our nurseries  to gain the outstanding quality that Brighter Beginnings is known for. Set right on Hollinwood Avenue on the main A6104 in New Moston between Manchester and Oldham, the setting is very easy to find. It has a generously resourced outdoor space and several indoor play areas.

New Moston is a small cosy, and friendly nursery. It offers a nurturing environment that is particularly good for our young babies. The nursery preschool room prepares children for the next stage in their education in a calm learning environment designed to equip the children with all the skills they will need when they go to school.

Caitlyn, Manager at New Moston

Caitlyn Lomas-Isted became the manager of Brighter Beginnings New Moston in September 2022, with her career in childcare beginning at just 16, Caitlyn has been deeply committed to the field, making a significant impact on children’s lives by creating a joyful and stimulating learning environment. Her objective is to smooth the transition for parents when they leave their children at the nursery, introducing personal touches that enhance the experience. Renowned for her ever-present smile and robust work ethic, Caitlyn continuously explores innovative methods to further enrich the nursery environment for the children under her care.

See what Caitlyn says about Brighter Beginnings, New Moston

At Brighter Beginnings New Moston, our smallest setting, we offer a cozy, home-like environment for your little ones. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality care in a safe, stimulating setting, focusing on nurturing happy, healthy, and confident children with a strong sense of self. Our approach is centered on enabling each child to become a lifelong learner, with a focus on strong communication skills and the ability to engage effectively with the world. We prioritise independence, confidence, and the ability to self-regulate emotions. Emphasising boundaries and behaviors, we help children feel secure and understand their world. We embrace inclusivity, respecting diverse families and communities, and promote healthy lifestyles in partnership with parents and carers. Join us as we empower and nurture the young minds of the next generation at our New Moston nursery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Working parents can enjoy childcare all-year-round. We are open 51 weeks a year (closed for Christmas week) and offer places with funding stretched across the whole year meaning parents have full flexibility in their childcare needs. 

Brighter Beginnings has a limited number of term-time-only places.

Please contact us for more information on term time only childcare.

This setting is open from 8am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday for full time children. 

We offer half day sessions at this setting, and these are available as either AM or PM sessions.

8am – 1pm / 1pm – 5:30pm

In addition, we can offer early drop off and late pickups – please ask for more information.

We do close for the week of Christmas. Please check with your childcare setting for this years dates.

Our vibrant and exciting holiday club, catering to school children aged 4 to 11 and is available at this setting. 

Embark on a journey packed with fun and adventure, perfect for a summer of endless laughter and thrilling experiences.

Our club is specially designed to blend fun-filled activities with enriching learning experiences. From exhilarating outdoor excursions to enjoyable day trips, every day is an opportunity for joy and exploration. We offer a diverse array of activities, ranging from football and dance to yoga, all led by our skilled instructors. These activities are not just enjoyable but also educational, helping children develop new skills, enhance their confidence, and forge lasting friendships.

Adventure awaits each day as we visit local attractions, parks, and nature reserves, encouraging children to engage with their environment and learn valuable teamwork and problem-solving skills. Safety and inclusivity are at the heart of our holiday club. Our trained staff members are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and comfort of every child, creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.

Don’t let your child miss out on a summer of growth, fun, and cherished memories. Join our holiday club for an adventure that starts now!

At Brighter Beginnings, we pride ourselves on our fully equipped catering service, staffed by skilled chefs and kitchen assistants who serve wholesome, home-cooked two-course meals every day, tailored to the tastes of our children.

Prioritising health and well-being, we ensure that each meal is not only delicious but also balanced and portion-controlled. Rest assured, your child will enjoy a nutritious diet that supports their growth and development during their time with us.

At Brighter Beginnings we are determined that children are ready for school when they leave us. We have purpose resourced ‘getting ready for school’ playrooms where carefully planned activities ensure children are fully equipped with all the skills they will need to make a success of the next stage in their education.

Our Forest School program offers a unique and enriching outdoor learning experience. Immersed in the natural environment, our children engage in child-led, explorative learning, which fosters their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The Forest School setting encourages physical activity, risk-taking within a safe framework, and a deepened respect for nature. We believe in the benefits of connecting children with the outdoors, which is why we offer this program. It helps build confidence, resilience, and independence, skills that are invaluable throughout their lives.​ Read More…

As of 2016, all staff must hold an in-date first aid certificate. We train our own staff in first aid and this is shown on our ID badges. New staff members access the training as soon as possible after starting with us if they do not already possess an in-date certificate.

Our managers and senior staff hold a range of esteemed qualifications, including higher education degrees like BAHons in Early Years, and advanced Apprenticeships at Levels 3, 4, 5, & 6.

We’re thrilled that our team has expanded their expertise beyond the essential qualifications, embracing specialised areas like SENCO, and early literacy and numeracy. This commitment to excellence ensures we not only meet but exceed the required standards, providing a safe and stimulating environment for all our children. 

Our nursery staff typically possess NVQ Level 3 qualifications, complemented by Pediatric First Aid certifications, demonstrating their commitment to providing safe and nurturing care. Many of our team members also hold qualifications beyond Level 3, reflecting their expertise and dedication to continuous professional development.

Most of those joining us having qualified at Level 2 are actively enhancing their skills through our Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship program, underpinning our commitment to fostering a highly skilled and educated team.

We welcome children from birth to five years of age. We also welcome school children up to 11 years at our holiday clubs.

Availability – for information relating to admissions and places at Brighter Beginnings, please get in touch.   

Childcare costs are variable depending on the number and length of sessions each week as well as any funding that you may be eligible for. Get in touch, and we can go through your personal circumstances and ensure you are accessing any available funding. 

All children aged 3+ are entitled to 15 hours funded childcare per week, and working parents can claim 30 hours a week. Thanks to the nursery education grant funding. This means you are able to deduct the free entitlement from any nursery fees. 

Children over 2 years – from April 2024, working parents are eligible for 15 hours of funding per week, this can be deducted from your fees. 

Contact us for full information on this to see if you will qualify. 

Brighter Beginnings does have a uniform. Though not compulsory, we feel it can really help children to become school-ready We have a cardigan, jumper and polo shirt for sale.

These can be ordered from the Nursery. 

Read the our Ofsted Report HERE

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