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Incentives for employers of up to £10,000.

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Brighter Beginnings offers brand-new Traineeships in Manchester and the North West. These traineeships have excellent cash incentives for employers!

Do you want to earn an extra £1000? The government now offers cash incentives for business to employ trainees. As a result, each trainee you put on a work placement can earn you extra income! In addition to the extra money, you will also incur low costs.

What can Traineeships offer your business? 

  • £1,000 for each Traineeship sign-up
  • Up to 10 Trainees
  • Access to a pool of young learners
  • The ability to give a trail-run to people
  • Find new apprentices from this scheme
  • Pay no national insurance
  • Pay no wages

This is a government-run scheme so employers do not pay wages or national insurance. In other words, Trainees can stay on (or claim) universal credit for their traineeship. 

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What are the benefits to employers? 

Work placement and training

Traineeships offer an introduction to sector-specific work skills. They are designed to help employers increase productivity and improve quality. These can help form the bedrock of a loyal and talented workforce. So this allows you to get to know the young people and their abilities and attitudes. Traineeships help you recruit the right person for your skills gap. Moreover, you can trial new staff members before you hire them!

Trainees keep their benefits

Our Traineeships are for young people aged from 19 to 24 years. These young people are actively seeking careers and ways into the jobs market. They are able to keep all their benefits for the duration of the course. Because of this, it enables them to gain experience in a real workplace so they gain confidence whilst staying financially solvent. Employers do not pay wages or national insurance. Because this is a voluntary scheme, employers are under no obligation. This means that you can give young people a trail run and keep only those who are going to be best for your business.

£1,000 incentive per trainee

The scheme offers employers a cash incentive of £1000 for each trainee they take on. This is up to a maximum of 10. This incentive is to encourage employers to provide high quality placements for trainees. Because of this, you can grow your workforce while earning cash. There are minimal related costs e.g. admin costs and PPE. The government pay all cash incentives direct to your bank. 

Who are Brighter Beginnings?

Brighter Beginnings TrainingTraineeships make you jump

Brighter Beginnings have been training young people and adults for over 20 years. The company began its life 30 years ago as a nursery chain. We have been training our own Trainees and Apprentices for the past 10 years. The company is expanding into other areas of training.

Brighter Beginnings has been awarded one of only 27 contracts for traineeships. These traineeships are in the North West of England. Our success is based on the quality of our apprenticeship training. Almost 100% of our trainees went on to progress further in work. Some had apprenticeships, some found jobs and some went on to further education.

These traineeships are designed to help trainees gain the experience and skills you need. Only you know what is right for your company. The training is flexible, depending on the young person's needs. We also look at their level of maths and English. Traineeships include a minimum 70-hour work placement. The programme is purposely designed to prepare them for their next steps. This could be an apprenticeship, a paid job or further education. They could even become your next apprentice if you feel they are suitable!

There is no obligation to employ but this can help you find great new staff members. This takes the cost and headache out of recruitment. We can help you to grow your workforce from within!

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Earn up to £10,000 for your business - £1,000 incentive payment per Trainee - Maximum 10 Trainees

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What Traineeships do we offer?

Childcare and Early Years

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Childcare placements will learn essential work skills and patience. They will learn how these are important capabilities when working with young children. We will help trainees to develop good communication skills. Your trainee will learn that they require physical stamina and energy to work in this field. Trainees will understand the value of flexibility in the field of childcare.

Health and Social Care

Trainees starting a career in health and social care will begin to understand the need for passion and dedication. They will learn that positivity, friendliness, vigilance and a sense of humour are essential. We show them that working in health and social care is a rewarding career.

Customer Services

Customer services are an integral part of many companies. Trainees will learn about the need to communicate clearly through the use of positive language. They need to see how patience and empathy are used to persuade. We will help them to develop behaviours such as self-control and adaptability.

Business Administration

Business admin traineeships help trainees develop the skills that employers need. Talent in communication that show a polite and efficient manner. They will be introduced to problem solving, and they will understand the importance of attention to detail. We also cover time management and digital skills in some detail.

Catering Services

Catering traineeships will help young people develop the ability to work as part of a team. We will show them how to follow instructions to ensure success. We promote high standards of health, safety and hygiene to our learners. They will learn how to communicate clearly and will experience the importance of keeping calm under pressure.

Are there other options?

Only you know what is right for your business. If a traineeship is not right for you then you could look at apprenticeships.  Brighter Beginnings have a number of other options when it comes to staff training. As we specialise in training and development we can help you with your needs. Why not get in touch to discuss your individual requirements?

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